I had a dream the other night. A vivid, colorful dream, which is odd, because I normally dream in black and white. I tried to tell the one I care- my roommate, about it, but he changed the subject and started talking about something else.

In this dream, I am setting up my phone for Facebook live. I turn it on and broadcast to the world that I am getting ready for a date with the man of my dreams

I start getting ready for this date all the while the camera is rolling, putting on make up, dolling myself up and putting on the expensive jewelry and wedding band my ex husband gave me.

I need to look like a million bucks tonight. Tonight I meet my destiny.

I am smiling the entire time, laughing while I talk to my viewers. I am so excited for this date!

The time has come for me to go. I stand up for every one to look at how beautiful I look one last time. I tell my mother who is watching that I love her. I tell a friend to let my ex husband view this video. I tell everyone how happy I am they could share this experience with me. 

A single tear rolls down my cheek, staining my face with eyeliner, as I reach for the gun on the dresser. I turn to the camera and say ” I have to go now, he’s waiting for me. And you all don’t want to see me leave anyways.” 

I cut off the live feed as I hold the barrel up between my red lips. I pull the trigger.

That’s when I woke up from this vivid dream. I remember the colors of every detail. 


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