Player two entered my life about ten years ago through an online video game. We always talked, flirted, texted, facebooked, but neither of us were ever single at the same time. 

About a week ago, we both realized we were both finally single…

Sparks have always been there. But the past week, they have been flying like crazy. For the first time since my divorce, I have not been a train wreck. I have not been crying myself to sleep. I have had a smile on my face when I wake up, and when I go to bed. 


I have something to look forward to. And someone caring about me.

Player two has given me something to think about. He lives four hours away, so I have never met him in person. In a week, I will meet him for the first time. And I am crazy nervous. 

We click like crazy. Attraction like crazy. My nerves are super shot. Super excited. Im so used to everything going wrong. I hope this trip goes right.


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